Paintless Dent Repair

We all love the cars that we own and do our best to protect them from various damages. The sheer thought of our vehicle being pounded by thousands of hailstones is traumatizing. During a storm, your vehicle has to endure not only the hailstones but also the storm debris. The true extent of damage is only revealed after the storm passes by. Finding your vehicle with hundreds of dents on it can be heart-breaking. Additionally, getting your car repaired could burn a hole in your wallet. A complete fix that includes removing the dents, sanding and repairing the vehicle will cost you hundreds of dollars. However, there is a much cheaper fix to this problem. With paintless dent repair, you will be able to fix all the dents without burning a hold in your wallet.

What is paintless dent repair?

Auto paintless dent repair is the process of removing the dents from your vehicle by using specialized equipment, without having to alter the finish of your vehicle. In this process, specialized tools are used to apply the pressure from the inner surface in order to remove the dents. A tab might also be bonded with the inner surface. Then, the dents are removed by pulling from the outer surface. As there is no need for sanding and repaint, paintless dent repair is preferred over the traditional dent removal technique. While paintless hail dent repair is the cheaper option, it would be great if you never had to get it done in the first place. In this article, we have listed some of the tips that you can use to protect your vehicle from hail damage.

Tips to protect your vehicle from hail damage:

1- Choosing your parking spot: When you are in your vehicle, choosing the right parking spot can actually save you a lot of money. By simply checking the weather report, we can be aware of any upcoming storm. During times when the weather forecast has rainy on its cards, be sure to use a covered parking spot. By parking your vehicle in such parking spaces, your vehicle would definitely be protected from the hailstones falling from above. Thus, saving you the repair costs.

2- Insurance policy: Your vehicle insurance can easily save you a lot of money during the winter months. While these insurances cannot protect your car from the hail damage, they can surely ease the pressure on your wallet while getting it fixed. Most of the insurance policies also cover the paintless dent repair charges. Opting in for comprehensive vehicle insurance over the regular insurance can save you a lot of money during winter months.

Auto Hail Damage Repair

Auto Hail Damage Repair


Storm damages can certainly be avoided by taking the necessary precautions. However, there are times when you might not be able to act quickly enough to protect your vehicle. Instead of going for the traditional, more expensive dent removal technique, opt for Miracle Dent the paintless dent repair professionals. Not only is the latter much quicker but it is also cheaper. By choosing the right insurance and a PDR, you can get your vehicle fixed without feeling the pinch on your wallet. Don’t forget to check out our referral program for 200.00.